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A Look Into the Marvel x Ippudo Collaboration

A Look Into the Marvel x Ippudo Collaboration

Two-night pop-up was limited to 80 lucky guests

Each ingredient of the “Interactive Avengers Ramen” is a symbolic nod to the collaboration.

For those who were unable to score a coveted seat at the Marvel x Ippudo pop-up, we can live vicariously by taking a look at what was served to the 80 guests who were lucky enough to attend.

The night began with a Pickled Alien Sake: a glass of Nanbu Bijin Ruten made by ‘sake superhero’ Kosuke Kuji, served with a baby octopus picked in a sweet and sour brine, recounts Pate Smith. This first ‘chapter’ represented an alien attack on New York City.

The sake was followed with a Marvel Soup featuring a three-year aged Iberico pork-based broth representing Marvel’s founding in 1939. Chicken soup was then added to the Iberico pork broth to represent the comic book and entertainment brand’s ‘soaring’ successes in present day. Each of the special ingredients in the soup held a symbolic meaning. The green noodles symbolized gamma radiation and were a nod to the Hulk, a single red noodle hidden at the bottom of the bowl represented Black Widow, a poached egg signified Iron Man’s arc reactor, a star-shaped fish cake alluded to Captain America’s shield, béchamel fried lamb chops represented Thor’s hammer, and seafood and garlic sauce toasts were decorated with arrows for Hawkeye.

The ingredients, while great on their own, came together to create a unique, harmonious dish. “The Avengers is a team with personalities; it’s a group people can identify with, rather than just focus on one guy,” says Jeff Hsu, operations manager at Ippudo.