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What We’re Loving: Mini 'Beers' for Tailgating

What We’re Loving: Mini 'Beers' for Tailgating

Say cheers to football season while leaving the beer behind

Three cheers for these adorable mini-beers!

Booze and barbecues are as much American pastimes as football, so it is only natural that the two go hand in hand at a tailgate.Though tailgating is an informal event, if you are the one with the goods you still have hosting duties to attend to. Aside from making sure you have all of the adequate gear you have to plan a great menu and make sure guests are entertained.

One thing that is often overlooked is the drink menu at a tailgate gathering. After all, doesn’t everyone just love a frosty bottle of delicious beer? Believe it or not, you have to consider that there may not be as many beer drinkers as you’d like in attendance. But the solution isn’t a complicated one that requires tons of extra work. Aside from tasty make-ahead cocktails, you can have guests feel like a part of the gang with these adorable mini beer mugs from Licor 43.

With the help of natively Spanish Licor 43, a vanilla, citrusy, smooth drink, you can create a no-frills cocktail that will keep the non-beer drinkers totally satisfied. Just pour two-thirds of the liqueur into the mini-mug, top with heavy cream, and — BAM! — you have a smooth shot that looks like a beer with a foam lager head in a snap. Not only will you look like a fabulous host for remembering you non-beer brethren, you’ll be keeping in theme with the all-American tailgate spirit.

27 Crab Recipes You're Going To Want To Make All Summer Long

The approach of summertime gets us itching for all that the season implies. With our freshly painted porches ready and our pollen-covered cushions a mere memory, we&rsquore prepping our menus and lighting up our lanterns in preparation for a long summer of porch suppers. First up on the menu? (Second to sweet tea, of course.) Seafood. No matter if our melamine platters are serving up savory treats by the sea, lake, or backyard sprinkler&mdashwe just can&rsquot imagine a summertime meal without an impressive spread of flavorful sea creatures. Not to play favorites, but a buttery, savory crab sure does hold a special place in our hearts&mdashand stomachs. And although we&rsquore firm believers that every at-home chef should master the art of the perfect crab cake, classic recipes such as that are only the beginning. The newest addition to our summer bucket list? Cooking through each and every one of these next-level crab recipes one at a time.

26 Best Gifts That'll Make Your Favorite Beer Lover So Hoppy

You can spot a beer lover from a mile away: It's that person who's always coming to the party with a 6-pack. Or the one who insists it isn't game day without a cold one in hand. Oh, and that friend who would drive miles out of the way to check out that new craft brewery. This season, celebrate them with a present they'll actually love. These gift ideas are thoughtful, unique, and cooler than anything else they've ever gotten. (We're talking shower beer holders and cap collecting shadow boxes.)

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Ditch those flimsy can koozies and opt for this one by YETI that's guaranteed to keep your brew cold for hours.

The Ultimate Brewers’ Fan Guide to Tailgating

1. Brewers baseball, of course!

Thanks to Brewers baseball and Fox Sports Wisconsin, we’ve been able to reminisce on some good ol’ times with a plethora of games that will forever be remembered in Brewers history.

We’re still unable to experience some actual live Brewers baseball due to the pandemic and other disputes going on within MLB, but with the replays on both television and the radio, there’s plenty to use when hosting your own tailgating party in your own backyard or driveway!

Crank on the radio and listen to Ueck call some games from last year like when Christian Yelich hit for the cycle twice, or even in 2018 when they won Game 163, or even go back as far as 1982 when the Brewers went to the World Series! You’re sure to have something to listen to or watch when you’re tailgating from home.

2. Can’t forget bags!

Whether you call it bags or you call it cornhole, you know it’s not a tailgate without a good ol’ game of bags going on. Crank out the boards and bags and start tossing away with a cold beer in one hand and a bag in the other.

Are you really from the Midwest hosting a tailgate if you don’t have bags in your yard/driveway ready to go for whoever wants to play? Your party would simply be boring without it! If you’re not a fan of cornhole, ladder golf is always a great option too!

3. Grab the grill!

The smell of burgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill is really what makes me happy about tailgating. Make sure you got enough charcoal to keep that grill going! Or if you have a gas grill, that’s cool too, you have to keep your guests full of food! Make sure you got burgers, brats, hot dogs, chicken, steak, barbecue, even some vegetarian and vegan options. The quickest way to a person’s heart is making them happy with food in their stomach.

4. Live the High Life

In Wisconsin, we’re known for a couple things: Cheese, milk, the Green Bay Packers, and…beer. We brew some of the best beers in the country here in our dairy state, and it’s not a party unless someone is cracking a cold Miller High Life or a nice Summer Shandy from Leinenkugels. Your friend has a water in their hand? Switch that out with a can of Miller! Could be 64, Lite, Genuine Draft, High Life, the list goes on! Even a Spotted Cow would do the trick!

5. Fun Side Dishes!

You have your hot dogs, brats, burgers, etc., but you always want to make sure you have another star of the show with you: Side dishes and treats! Deviled eggs make a great tailgating option, quick to make and the perfect finger food. Cupcakes always are great too, especially the mini ones.

6. Brewers Decor!

You can’t have a Brewers tailgating party without being decked out in Brewers apparel! Make sure the space you’re hosting the party at is filled with nice little options of decor. Signs, lights, colors, and grab your Yelich jersey and wear it proudly.

7. Can’t Forget the Tunes!

Music really sets the tone for your party and you want to make sure guests stick around and don’t get bored! Make sure you bring your bluetooth speaker to help get the guests amped up and excited to party. The neighbors should be able to come outside and wonder who’s playing the awesome tunes. I even made a Spotify playlist with some nice tailgating songs to jam out to!

Want your voice heard? Join the Reviewing The Brew team!

It sucks that we don’t have any current baseball to tailgate with, but, we have to make the best of it, right? Hopefully this little guide will help you this summer with hosting the best parties!

3. YaeBrew Stainless Steel Mini Ball Lock Keg System


Love home-brewed beer? Need a place to store and dispense it? Then the YaeBrew Stainless Steel Mini Ball Lock Keg System is your answer. It features a 2.6-gallon capacity and is constructed from stainless steel, which is lightweight and durable. The powerful little keg system allows you to pressurize your beer with additional CO2 tanks and keep it stored, ready for consumption. Then, when it&rsquos time to party, simply pick up your keg and enjoy your beer fresh from the portable keg.

Courtesy of Amazon

8 Nonalcoholic Beers You Should Drink in 2021

Skeptical about NA beer? We were, too, until these brews turned us into true believers.

When I informed a few drinking buddies at the start of 2021 I was going to start drinking nonalcoholic beer on the reg, I was met with looks of concern. "Are you okay?" and "Um, why?" were the questions that followed what I considered to be a casual conversation-starter. That I apparently needed a reason to drink NA beer speaks volumes about the stigma it's carried around for decades. If you don't have a problem with alcohol or you're not currently pregnant, what would possibly draw you to nonalcoholic beer?

To be fair, I shared some of that cynicism before I was introduced to several beers that were simply delicious, tasting less like ersatz versions of their potent counterparts and more like malty, hoppy, full-bodied (but lower-calorie) brews that were enjoyable on the palate, but wouldn't mess with my sleep. As I made my way through Dry January, I didn't think twice about pairing an NA beer with a home-cooked meal or taking one along, sheathed in a koozie, for an evening walk with my wife (secretly hoping some cop would hassle me for open container, only for me to reveal that, "No, officer, this is a nonalcoholic beer"). But I kept drinking them after January ended, in part because the occasional NA beer offered a great transition into nighttime relaxation that I wouldn't regret in the morning.

Much of the skepticism surrounding nonalcoholic beer comes from decades of lackluster products that were only ever marketed toward niche audiences. But now NA finds itself in the midst of a mini-renaissance thanks to more wellness-minded consumers who are encouraging both craft brewers and bigger brands to innovate. Much like hard seltzer was met with many eye rolls only a few years ago before it exploded in popularity, brewers are betting that superior NA beers could pull more drinkers into the category.

No matter your reason for wanting to try nonalcoholic beer, these are the 8 that turned me into an NA believer.

It has just enough bite and goes down best fireside after a long hike (or on your couch after a grueling workday). Athletic only makes beers that are NA, and they've developed a cult following that seems to be growing month by month.

Nearly sunset in color, nutty on the nose, and pow on the tongue, this well-balanced beer matches as nicely with a salad as it does with wings. Brooklyn's Garrett Oliver is a GOAT-level brewer who makes GOAT beer after GOAT beer, and this is no exception.

It&rsquos smooth, clean, and inconspicuous, which is all you really need to enjoy an NA lager. Try it as a pacer beer for warm days at the beach or tailgating a ballgame.

The trace-booze spin on the California brewery&rsquos legendary IPA is still so good. The secret: a trio of Yakima Valley hops that deliver a full-body punch of spicy-peppery bite.

Brunch has a new buddy. This stout with coffee notes plays well with French toast and bacon, but it will also help you steer clear of a dreaded midday hangover. (Bonus note: Brewdog makes a lightly sour NA Berliner called Faux Fox that deserves an honorable mention for both its ingenuity and its loveliness.)

Do you like Heineken? Great, then you'll love their NA beer, which is just as refreshing as their alcoholic lager (with a fidelity to the OG's flavor profile that's seriously impressive).

Some styles, like wheat beers, seem to be more difficult to nail with an NA version than others. But this fruity brew is excellent, primed for poolside day-drinking or a summer picnic with friends.

Like Athletic, Partake's all-in on nonalcoholic beers, and that total commitment to the category (rather than just hopping on the bandwagon) means they understand the ins and outs of what makes NA great. Their pale ale is my favorite from their roster of beers because of its thoughtful mix of fruity and floral hops.

Results - Licor 43 cocktails

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The Love Potion We're Buzzing About

Back in the February issue of Cosmopolitan, we wrote about a new fragrance called Eau Flirt ($19 for the mini roll-on, The perfume contains notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, which have been proven to turn a guy on more than any other smell (Why do guys find these two scents so arousing? Beats us. But experts guess that it's because men subconsciously associate pumpkin pie and lavender with happy, exciting memories).

After reading our story, Katy and Mandy, two staffers here at Cosmo, asked for samples of the fragrance so that they could conduct their own tests. After a few months of spritzing, they came to us with some shocking results.

Katy's Findings

I joined a guy friend, his friend Andy, and Andy's girlfriend for lunch. After we sat down to eat, my friend abruptly started sniffing the air, straight-up hound dog-style. "What's that?!" he asked frantically. "Who's wearing perfume that smells sooo good?" Andy's girlfriend insisted it wasn't her, so my friend started inhaling the air around me. Sure enough, the Eau Flirt I'd spritzed on had made his olfactory receptors go bonkers.

Then Andy caught a whiff. His girlfriend and I watched these two otherwise normal dudes sucking in air through their noses and uncharacteristically ignoring the burgers and beers in front of them. We were confused. It smelled nice to us, we agreed, but could it really drive men crazy? Apparently: Once Andy confirmed that the source of the amazing scent was indeed my wrists, he begged his GF to start wearing it.

I've had several similar (but not quite as dramatic) Eau Flirt-related experiences since then. I keep wearing it because the scent has really grown on me, and not just because it's a guy magnet&mdashI swear!

Mandy's Findings

I am now a believer in Eau Flirt, but I have a few cautionary words to share before you douse yourself.

1) A little goes a long way. I found myself inhaling power whiffs the first time I applied it. Although, the guy I was out with didn't complain. In fact, he asked me to come sit closer to him.
Find out what guys really notice about your looks.

2) Save it for when you're looking for action. The scent is best left for a night out when you know you plan to flirt with someone in particular. Otherwise, every other guy with bad breath will be leaning in closer for a talk-and-smell and pulling you aside on your way out the door to ask for your number (yes, I speak from experience).

3) Take a compliment, but don't bother talking it up. You'll probably be told, "You smell great. What is that?" But you are under no obligation to explain that it's a blend created to stimulate male arousal. Unless, of course, you are aiming for a laugh or want your flirting goals made boldly clear. In all other cases, say something like "Oh, thanks, I read about it in Cosmo's beauty blog. I'll get you the name later."

15. Deviled Eggs

Why, it&rsquos the quintessential tailgate party snack! If you&rsquore looking for an appetizer with the most deceiving name ever, this is a winner.

Deviled eggs may have such a sinister name, but they taste heavenly.

I&rsquove always thought of deviled eggs as such a fancy, hence, a complicated dish to make. Turns out, they&rsquore so easy, anyone can do it!

To make that delectable filling, you just mash and mix boiled egg yolks with mayo, Dijon mustard, Tabasco, paprika, salt, and pepper.

And then, spoon it over hollowed-out boiled egg whites, and you&rsquore done!

Reviews of The Best Beer Fridges in 2021

  1. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – Top Overall Beer Fridge for 2021
  2. Danby Beverage Center DBC120BLS – Best Overall Beer Fridge (Runnerup)
  3. EdgeStar BWC71SS Extreme Cool Beer Center – Best Small Beer Fridge
  4. Lanbo Wine and Beer Cooler – Best Fridge for Beer and Wine
  5. Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Fridge – Best Medium Capacity Beer Fridge
  6. Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge – Most Portable Beer Fridge in 2021
  7. Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – Best on Budget Beer Bridge
  8. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge – Best Beer Cooler for a Garage

Here are our top picks and reviews of the best beer coolers and refrigerators 2021 available on the market. This list will cover a variety of models:

1. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – Top Overall Beer Fridge for 2021

The NewAir cooler is our top beer fridge pick for a very good reason – it has a large capacity and looks great.

First, it has a massive capacity of 120 cans of beer. That’s enough for all but the largest of parties.

It has all this capacity with a fairly compact size of 18” x 19” x 33”. We do like the depth of 33”, even though it can cause some problems if you have a shallower counter.

Fortunately, this is a freestanding beer fridge, so you can place it anywhere that you like in your home.

Want it in your man cave, family room, or back patio?
No problem.

As for appearance, this beer fridge looks great with a stainless steel frame and a glass door. Stainless steel is also preferable than plastic or painted stainless steel because it doesn’t get nearly as dirty.

Just think about how dirty a white stainless steel refrigerator gets – you don’t want that on your beer fridge.

The performance on this beer fridge is also nice. It has seven different temperature settings, so you can keep your beer at the perfect temperature no matter the type of beer that you plan on storing in it.

Finally, we like that the compressor on this beer fridge operates at 35dB, which is extremely quiet for a beer fridge.

Final Verdict

This is our top pick for a beer fridge for good reason – it looks great and performs well.

It is a little more expensive than the average beer fridge, but we find the additional features worth the extra cost.


  • Large capacity of 126 cans of beer
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Quiet compressor
  • 7 thermostat settings
  • The stainless steel frame looks great


2. Danby Beverage Center DBC120BLS – Best Overall Beer Fridge (Runnerup)

Do you host a lot of parties?

The Danby Beverage Center is the beer fridge for you if you’re that person that hosts a lot of parties. And this is part of the reason it’s the runner up on our list.

First of all, this beer fridge has a locking door. That also makes it great if you have a large number of small children running around the house that can get into your beer fridge.

Anyway, this beer fridge is perfect for parties because of its large capacity of 120 beers. The dimensions are rather large at 20” x 18” x 33.8”, so we only recommend it if you have a larger space.

The temperature range is a little high at 43F to 57F. However, that falls within the ideal temperature for beer, so that is not really a problem.

As for appearance, this beer fridge looks great. It has double paned tempered glass to keep the inside cold. The door is also recessed and side mounting, which looks good and is convenient.

We like the energy efficient LED light of this beer fridge as well. It’s blue, which looks good and uses less energy than other colors. It’s also adjustable, so you can save energy and have the perfect amount of lighting in your fridge.

Finally, this beer fridge isn’t very loud. The sound is about 40dB at the most. That is the equivalent of a loud whisper.

Final Verdict

This is our pick for parties for one reason:
It has a massive capacity.

The additional features like a locking door and reversible hinge make it perfect for more than just parties, but the large capacity is really what sets it apart from other beer fridges.

That said, you will pay for the capacity and extra features of this beer fridge.


  • Locking door for child safety
  • Energy efficient
  • Great design
  • Reversible door hinge
  • 120 drink capacity
  • Adjustable LED light


3. EdgeStar BWC71SS Extreme Cool Beverage Center – Best Small Beer Fridge

Are you searching for a compact beer fridge?

A compact beer fridge is actually a great choice if you live in a smaller home or do not have much space.

And this beer fridge is compact. It has a height of 20 inches and a width of 18 inches and a depth of 17 inches.

Don’t let the small size fool you, though. It still has a large capacity of 52 cans of 12 oz beer.

We are not really sure how EdgeStar has such a large capacity with such a compact design, but it does have a large capacity.

First of all, it has three shelves that are adjustable, so you can place cans and bottles that are different sizes in this fridge. You can put cans, bottles, and even a few wine bottles (must remove all the shelves).

Our favorite feature, however, is the reversible door on this fridge. A reversible door makes this fridge perfect if you want to place it next to your favorite recliner or sofa without having to move your couch or sofa around.

As for temperature, this fridge gets down to a balmy 37F. Of course, we do not recommend storing beer at that temperature, which is why it is nice that this beer fridge has an adjustable thermostat.
You can set this at a more ideal 45F for your beer.

The brightness of the LED lights can also be adjusted. And you can even turn off the LED lights, which means you can place this beer fridge in your bedroom if you want.

Most importantly, it’s not a loud beer fridge. The volume rarely gets above a loud whisper, so that’s enjoyable.

Final Verdict

It’s a compact beer fridge – we recommend this beer fridge if you’re searching for a beer fridge for a smaller space.

The capacity is still large enough that you shouldn’t have any problem storing beer for a party or get-togethers.

Watch the video: Total Tailgating Fathers Day Special (December 2021).